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Modernist enquiries throughout the first decades of XX century in cinematic production design

Mariam Chorgoliani_2016

Issues of the social, ethnic and confessional structure of the population of the medieval city of Dmanisi (Historical-archaeological research)

Jimsher Chkhvimiani_2020

Artistic and stylistic trends in Adjarian artists' creativity (1960s/1970s)

Lika Iobidze_2019

Deacon of Sioni Nikoloz (Mikadze) - Copyist and Painter

Rostom Kachakhidze_2017

Remapping of Georgian Literature. Bolshevism and the Georgian Literature

Gaga Lomidze_2017

Adaptation strategies during crisis: Georgian students about Coronavirus

Tamar Gongadze_2020

Trilogy of Tengiz Abuladze

Giorgi Razmadze_2014

Geography and National Characteristics of Literary Baroque

Maia Nachkebia_2015

Early Stages of the Development of Georgian Historic Prose (literary model of the primary source – fiction to anti-fiction) Part 2

Vladimer Chelidze_2016

Testing Intergroup Threat Theory: Realistic and Symbolic Threats, Religiosity and Gender as Predictors of Prejudice

Ana Makashvili_2018

Semiotic Parallels of Neorealist Cinema in the 1970s

Irina Uturgauri_2019

Hermeneutics - Theory and Practice

Tinatin Tvalchrelidze_2010

Parody References in James Joyce’s “Grace”

Temur Kobakhidze_2018

Robakidze contra Stalin: The Mythological Hermeneutics of Stalin’s Ahrimanic Essence and the Image of the Bolshevik Leader in Grigol Robakidze’s Philosophical Essays

Konstantine Bregadze_2018

Technological Description, Restoration/Conservation and Examination of the Eastern Porcelain presents stylistic research and methods

Ana Chumburidze_2017

The Georgian Avant-garde: Futurism and More

Mzia Chikhrdze _2020

Byzantine and Georgian Hymnographical Legacy (“Lenten Triodion under George the Athonite’s Redaction”)

Lela Khachidze_2020

Classical Pragmatism: An Overview

Andrey Tashev_2012

The Author in the Epoch of Realism

Solomon Tabutsadze_2013

The adaptation strategies of the Georgian students in foreign universities and social surroundings

Mari Bibilodze_2017

Akaki Tsereteli’s Unknown Russian Autographs (Textual Criticism Analysis)

Maia Ninidze_2013

Oriental Tales in Europe: Literary and Oral Versions of Arabian Nights

Elene Gogiashvili_2017

Dante, Joseph Conrad, and the Revelation of St. John in T. S. Eliot's „The Hollow Men“

Temur Kobakhidze_2011

Personal Identity Formation in the Georgian Context - Quantitative and Qualitative Approach

Nino Skhirtladze_2015

Transcultural Writing and Non-hegemonic Universalism. Reading Ali and Nino in the Context of Global Literary Studies

Eva A. LukazCiki_2020

French Diary on Caucasus

Archil Tserediani_2019

Teleiconic imagery in 1970s/1980s in Georgia

Papuna Chivadze_2018

Specifics of Creation of Myth in Vazha Pshavela’s Poems

Manana Kvachantiradze_2019

Iconography of Political Thearte

Solomon Tabucadze_2019

“Elective Affinities” by Goethe in the Context of Contrastive Linguistics and the Theory of Translation Dedicated to Nelly Amashukeli

Nata Janelidze_2009

Poetry Psychotherapy in the Practice of Crisis Assistance

Mariam Arpentieva_2017

Tradition, Individual Talent and the Inbetween: Vjacheslav Ivanov compared to T. S. Eliot

Yordan Lyutskanov_2016

Defense of the Binary Principle in Epic Fairy Tale

Rusudan Cholokashvili_2014

War, Epoch, City ... (Severe problems of the 90s of the 20th century in the modern Georgian theatre directing)

Lasha Chkhartishvili_2019

The European Union based on “Eurotours” and parallels with Georgian reality

Lika Gabisonia_2017

The Challenge of Translation in Ancient Georgia and Main Methodological Aspects of the Study of the Issue

Nana Mrevlishvili, Eka Chikvaidze_2008

European and National Context of Georgian Modernist Literature

Konstantine Bregadze_2015

Several Questions of the Comparative Analysis of the Georgian Animal Tales (According to the Archive Materials)

Marine TuraSvili_2014

A Banished Experience and Fiction

Nestan Kutivadze_2016

Hermeneutics and Interpretation of Fiction

Konstantine Bregadze _2009

Urban Paradigms

Ramaz Chilaia_2014

Actualized Indexical Signs of the Author’s Image in Impersonal Narrative (In D’Annunzio’s “Le Novelle della Pescara”)

Salome Kenchoshvili_2013

Installation as the face of modern sculpture and the work of Andro Wekua

Mariam Mamaladze_2020

After Romanticism …

Solomon Tabutsadze_2011

Poetics of Ilya Chavchavadze: Main Trends

Tamar Lomidze_2019

Consensus and Confrontation in the "New Georgian Cuisine": Semiotic Analysis

Ketevan Gurchiani_2019

Transferring from General Education to the First Level of Higher Education: Challenges and Recommendations (Analyzes of PreBaccalaureate Program of Buckswood International School - Tbilisi)

Guram Kokaia_2016

Towards Periods and Boundaries of Old Georgian Literature

Laura Grigolashvili_2008

The Unknown Sonnet Version of Galaktion’s Wellknown Verse

Tamar Barbakadze_2009

Dressing Etiquette in the Medieval Literature

Maka Elbakidze_2014

Literary School of Realism and its Georgian Model

Irma Ratiani_2015

Juozas Baltušis’s Novel „Sakmė apie Juzą“ [Saga about Juza]: an Archetypal Expression of the Nation’s Vitality

Rūta Brūzgienė_2020

Giorgi Okropiridze - "Dabakhana"; Complex study and conservation/restauration

Sesili Sordia_2018

Contemporary Korean cinema between art house and genre diversity: Lee Chan-doon, Pak Chan-uk, Kim Ki-duk

Ekaterine Kandelaki_2013

The issue of Self-identification in "First Garment" by Guram Dochanashvili and "Everyone That Findeth Me" by Otar Chiladze

Salome Tigilauri_2020

Zviad Gamsakhurdia – a Researcher and a Translator of American Poetry

Nino Darbaiseli_2009

Characteristics of feminine and masculine discourse (Based on the analysis of Talk-show “PrimeShow”)

Mariam Tsiskarishvili_2020

Christian Liturgical Music in XIX- XXI centuries in Tbilisi

Nino Naneishvili_2020

Author and Character within the Scope of Historical Poetics

Solomon Tabucadze_2008

Intertextuality in Guram Rcheulishvili’s Fiction

Maia Ninidze Maia Jangidze_2019

Narrative Strategies of the 20s of the 20th Century

Nona Kupreishvili_2011

The attitude of the Georgian orthodox church towards the role of women (based on the example of 10 churches)

Laura Gamkrelidze_2018

Editorial policy of George Tsereteli in the newspaper „Droeba”

Natia Khutsurauli_2019

On the Definition of the Term “Pun”

Levan Bregadze_2009

Researching and Managing Georgian Contemporary Theatre

Lasha Chkhartishvili_2017

Television and Cinema, as the denominator weapon of mass manipulation (From the restoring of the independence of the state, until the “Rose Revolution”)

Revaz Tchichinadze_214

From Byzantium to Bulgaria and to Georgia – Modifications and Typological Similarities between Old Bulgarian and Georgian Hymnography

Regina Koycheva_2012

The Oldest Georgian Magic Fairy Tale – “Anana”. Genetic Basis

Rusudan Cholokashvili_2019

Trickster and Simulacrum

Khatuna Tavdgiridze_2011

King Lear on the Georgian Scene - What do the statistics say?

Lasha Chkhartishvili_2020


Tamar Barbakadze_2014

One Direction of the Georgian Visual Arts from 1970s/80s

Mariam Loria_2014

Information about Grigol Robakidzé (Obtained from the Geneva State Archives)

Maia Varsimashvili-Raphael_2014

Elegy and Cubism in Guillaume Apollinaire’s Alcohols (Tentative of Structural Analysis and Symbolic Understanding of Alcohols)

Ilia Gasviani_2009

Georgian-Russian Relations of Postcolonial Period in Georgian Fictional Prose and Public Essays

Natalia Svanidze_2017

Constructing Third Space as an Attempt to Escape from National Narrative

Mzia Jamagidze_2018

Creative Writers and their Invocation of Divine Inspiration

Sabbar S. Sultan_2017

Forms of Expression of “Banal Nationalism” in Abkhazia and their Impact on Georgian-Abkhazian Relations

Mariam Morgoshia_2018

Typological Parallels (Towards the History of Christian Poetry from the 8th to 10th Century)

Lela Khachidze_2011

Wine tourism destination competitiveness: The case of Georgia

Gvantsa Sekhniashvili_2020

The Notion “Literary Fairy Tale” and Hans Christian Andersen’s Tales

Andrey Korovin_2019

Parallel Systems of Formal General Education and Private Tutoring

Tamar Bregvadze_2013

Creativity and Revolution. Experience in Georgian Literarature

Irma Ratiani_2013

Konstantin Bregadze’s “Modernity and Modernism”

Bela Tsipuria_2018

Galaktion’s Monorhhyme

Tamar Barbaqadze_2008

Modern and Contemporary Theatre - Boundaries and Concepts

Lasha Chkhartishvili_2019

A City of Poets: The Cultural Life of Tbilisi 1910–1930

Mzia Chikhradze_2014

“The Sons of the Epoch” – Collection of the Literary-philosophical Essays by Tamaz Vasadze

Ketevan Ninidze_2015

Nikoloz Baratashvili and German Romantizism

Konstantine Bregadze_2017

At the Origins of Martyrology

Lela Khachidze_2016

Gender aspects of dramatic configurations in August Strindberg’s "The Father" and Davit Kliashvili’s "Darispan’s Misfortune"

David Gabunia_2019

Economic Problems in the Focus of Georgian Socio Cultural Dynamics of the Beginning of the 20th Century (Geronti Kikodze)

Nona Kupreishvili_2017

One Page from Georgian – Ossetian Literary Relations

Aleqsandre Mghebrishvili_2019

Georgian Monumental Wall-painting in the Communist-Era Georgia

Tea Instskirveli_2007

The Common Mythic Roots of a Kisti Legend and the Georgian Ballad Eteriani

Rusudan Choloqashvili and Kevin Tuite_2020

Family and Family life of Turkish Georgians: The Case of Hayriye Village population, Inegol Region, Turkey

Nino Okrostsvaridze_2014

Some Problems of the Research Methods of the Oral Histories

Marine Turashvili _2009

Dichotomy of Body and Soul: T.S.Eliot’s “The Hippopotamus” and “Whispers of Immortality”

Temur Kobakhidze_2008

Ioseb Grishashvili’s Unrhymed (Blank) Verses

Tamar Barbaqadze_2014

How Learning Enhancement Team at the University of East Anglia Encourages Transforming Students into Independent Learners

Guram Kokaia_2017

Variations of Artistic Game According to Georgian Modernistic Novels

Maia Jaliashvili_2011

Striving for Living on the Moon in Contemporary Georgian Theatre

Lasha Chkhartshvili_2019

Epigraph as an Intertextual Phenomenon (By Claude Simon and Françoise Sagan)

Tamar Chikhladze_2011

Irma Ratiani, Story and Plot Pro et Contra Tbilisi, Institute of Georgian Literature Publishing, 2011.

Rusudan Tsanava_2012

Interpretations of Mikheil Javakhishvili’s Writings in Visual Arts, Theatre and Film

Lela Tsiphuria_2011

Catholic Churches in Georgia: History and Architecture

Natia Natsvlishvili_2019

From the History of Systematic Study of Georgian Literature (Vakhtang Kotetishvili and Mikheil Zandukeli)

Tamar Tsitsishvili, Irine Modebadze_2017

Teacher Appraisal in Georgia and Professional Capital

Natia Andguladze_2016

The Relation of the “White Mangur” to the Hunting Ballads

Otar Oniani_2019

The Editorial Work of Niko Nikoladze

Nino Chikaidze_2019

The Structure of Time and Space in William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”

Temur Kobakhidze_2017

Urban Space in the Period of Transition and New Cultural Paradigm

Ketevan Jishiashvili_2019

The Translation, Comments and Philological-Critical Studies of the Treatises of “Dissertation on Scenic Art” of Franciscus Lang

Levan Tatishvili_2016

On the History of Mekhelni’s Activity (Stephane Sananoisdze – Chqondideli)

Lela Khachidze_2013

Fixed Verse Forms in Gabriel Jabushanuri’s Poetry

Tamar Barbakadze_2017

Childless Women in Georgia: Between Religious Restrictions and Medical Opportunities.

Elene Gavashelishvili_2018

Archaic Motifs of Marriage with a Supernatural Being in Folktales

Elene Gogiashvili_2011

Kupelhale type church in the village of Sakramuli

Mariam Chelidze_2017

The methodology of acting in the work of Elijah Kazan

Neli zakareishvili_2017

A Perspective of Postcolonial Zoocriticism in 19th-century Georgian Literature

Haiatte Sotome_2019

The Dramatic Images Detected in Georgian Kaleidoscope (“Georgian Kaleidoscope” by Zaza Phiralishvili)

Zaza Abzianidze_2015

Conceptual Motivations of Characters in Vazha Pshavela’s ,,Host and Guest’’

Manana Kvachantiradze_2020

Shota Rustaveli Against the Utilitarians

Levan Bregaze_2020

Pragmacommunicavite Aspects of Emotional Discourse in Italian and Georgian Languages

Nana Lomia_2012

Georgian Students’ Self-Presentation of their National Identity at European Universities

Manana Enukidze_2019

On the Relationship of Medieval and Renaissance Aesthetic Categories (Beauty)

Maka Elbakidze_2013

The Clock Chead of Time or The synthesis of Tradition and Novelty in Georgian Modernist Narrative

Maia Jalashvili_2012

Magic Realism and Its Influence on Literature and Arts (Analysis of Georgian and International Experience)

Mariam Grigolia_2020

Absurd's theory and theatre of the Absurd in the Georgian stage

Marta Kopadze_2019

Mystery of the Forgotten Past

Maka Elbakidze_2009

Vergleichende Mythologieforschung: Grenzverkehr zwischen Deutschland und Georgien - Amirani im Zentrum des Interesses

Dominik Irtenkauf_2008

Values - Concept, Research and Alternative Approach

Levan Tarkhnishvili_2013

Metaphor and Metamorphosis

Rusudan Tsanava_2008

The Manuscripts of Bernard Maria of Naples

Gaga Shurgaia_2016

Power Discourse in Georgian Female Politicians’ Narratives (Based on Political Talk-Shows) 

Ani Lemonjava_2018

Unknown author's "Marine Landscape": Complex study of the canvas / conservation and restoration

Sesili Sordia_2017

Poetics of Akaki Tsereteli: Main Trends

Tamar Lomidze_2020

The Death of the Epic Hero and Some Aspects of the War Perception in Archaic

Kakha Katsitadze_2008

Double Agents

Ketevan Shavgulidze_2019

The Formation of Georgian National Discourse. Marking Models of Georgia and Russian Empire and National Self-identification in Georgian Literature of the End of the 18th and 19th Centuries.

Tsira Kilanava_2013

Artistic Representations of Eroticism

Nona Kupreishvili_2018

Media coverage of femicide in Georgian TV media

Lela Javakhishvili _2020

“Avant-Garde” of Georgian Theater

Ketevan Shavgulidze_2010

From Renaissance Anthropocentrism to Baroque Theocentrism

Maia Nachkebia_2016

Georgian Emigrant Artists in the Complex Landscape of Contemporary Art World

Mzia Chikhradze, Ketevan (Keti) Shavgulidze, Mariam Shergelashvili Georgian Emigrant Artists in the Complex Landscape of Contemporary Art World_2019

Caricature, as a Thinking Model under Soviet Totalitarianism

Manana Shamilishvili, Ada Nemsadze_2019

Hunting theme in Svan musical folklore

Maka Khardziani_2010

The Literature and Movies in a Scientific Field of Comparison

Zh. K. Nurmanova _2012

Theodore Studites in Old Georgian Writing

Lela Khachidze_2015

Paintings from Vejini Ascension Church

Mariam Ebanoidze_2020

Medieval Hall Type Churches in Imereti

Gvantsa Vashakidze_2020

Years of Lead in Giuseppe Genna’s Novel “Italia De Profundis”

Tatiana A. Bystrova_2020

Tangible Interactive and His Method of Use in Contemporary Georgian Theatre

Lasha Chkhartishvili_2019

Fixed Verse Forms of European and Eastern Literature in Georgian Poetry

Natia Sikharulidze_2018

The Destruction of a Symbol and the Identity Paradigm of a City in Transition

Tea Talakvadze_2019

Elements of Oriental culture in European avant-garde pursuits (Antonin Artaud, Peter Brook, Ezhie Grotowski, Eugenio Barba)

Guram Kokaia_2012

Cooperative Learning as a Democratic Awareness Method (Interdependence, Responsibility and Self-esteem)

Natia Vacheishvili_2016

Myth-Making in T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets

Temur Kobakhidze_2014

Joyce’s Ulysses in Georgian

Manana Gelashvili, Maya Kiasashvili_2020

“Don Quixote”: A Synthesis of Genres of Renaissance Era

Irakli Kenchoshvili_2014

Tradition and innovation of the imagery from the middle ages within Georgian contemporary religious enamel (the imagery of St. George)

Gvantsa Gegechkori_2009

The Function of Ideological Discourse in the Official Texts of the Totalitarian Regime (Based on the material in the collection dedicated to Stalin’s 60 anniversary)

Konstantine Bregadze_2019

The Shock of Publicity: Conflicting Public and Private Spheres in Contemporary Georgian Society

Tatia Kekelia_2017

Prince Vakhushti on Language and Literacy among the Signs of the United Georgia

Merab Ghaghanidze_2019

The Turtle’s Dream

Stanka Petrova_2012

Literary Discourses and Cultural Movements of Slowness in the 1980s and 1990s, Actualized in the Travel Form of Slow Tourism and Affirming the Political Component of Sustainability via the Triple Bottom Line’s Social and Environmental Dimensions

Konrad Gunesh_2019

The chased crosses in front of the altars in the church of Tsvirmi

Tamar Sekhniashvili_2019

Merab Abramishvili’s Work as a Phenomenon (Interpreting Meanings in the Context of 20th Century European Philosophy)

Natia Ebanoidze_2019

Painting of Mutsdi Tarinzgel Church

Nino Vashakidze_2020

Performance of Georgianness: Guides’ Presentation of Georgia to Foreign Guests

Salome Davitashvili_2017

Problems of Modern Comparative Literature

Nikolai Konrad_2018

School-educational programs in Georgian museums

Tinatin ivanishvili_2018

The Mutual Influence of French Fashion and Cinema in 1950-60s.

Ana Meskhishvili_2020

Georgian Round-Dance Songs:Peculiarities of Musical Language

Otar Kapanadze_2014

For Explanation of the Symbol

Ana Lethodiani_2011

Republican Difficulties: Noè Jordania’s Difficultés Socialistes, Antoni Rovirii Virgili’s L’Estat Català, and the Vagaries of Exile Writers in France

Jerry White_2019

The State of Condition of the Relations of State and Georgian Theatre in Post-Soviet Georgia

Lasha Chkhartishvili_2016

Late interventions in the wall painting of Nikortsminda Church and respective damage assessment

Nino Kublashvili _2011

Methods of the Explanations of the Bible

Eliso Kalandarishvili _2009

Peculiarities of Development of Drawing in Contemporary Georgian Art As Exemplifed by the Work of Edmond Kalandadze, Zurab Nizharadze, Givi Kasradze and Dmitry Eristavi


Realism in a historical-literary row of Russian culture: movement within a modernity paradigm

Tatiana Megrelishvili_2012

Nietsche’s Theory of Tragedy and the Georgian Expressionistic Drama

Ana Javakhishvili_2020

Expansion, Exclusion and Recurrence between „Art as a Means for Salvation“ and „History as a Creation of Art“: Dmitry Merezhkovsky and His Close Companions

Yordan Lyutskanv_2011

New Vision on the Problems of Literary Theory “Introduction to Literary Studies” – A New Edition

Mariam Karbelashvili_2013

Musicality of Literature and Synaesthesia: “Letters to Devdorakelis” [“Laiškai Devdorakėliui”] by M. K. Čiurlionis

Rūta Brūzgienė_2017

Immigrants- and ethic minorities-related discourse on Facebook pages

Makhare Achaidze_2019

The Influence of the Thieves-in-Laws Subculture on the Socialisation of Pre-Adolescents in Post-Soviet Georgia

Vakhtang Kekoshvili_2019

Semiotics for the “Aragvi” and “Aragviani” (Linguistic and Semiologic Studies)

Gocha Kuchukhidze_2019

Composition of a Miracle Summary

Ivane Amirkhanashvili_2009

Interconnection of Political Processes and Literary Discourses. Experience of Socialist Countries

Irma Ratiani, Elka Тraykova_2019

Davit Kldiashvili – Classic of Georgian Literature

Iuza Evgenidze_2013

The Anti-Hero in Hagiography

Ivane Amirkhanashvili_2014

“Everything had language”: Vazha-Pshavela’s “Snake Eater” from the Perspective of Animal Studies

Hayate Sotome_2018

“Another Century of Galaktion” (to the new academic edition of Galaktion Tabidze’s poetry)

Emzar Kvitaishvili_2017

The Elements of Traditional Poetry and Their Function in the Poem by Mahmoud Darwish “The Lover from Palestine”

Nino Dolidze_2019

From "Black Panthers" to Prague Spring (The role of the Czechoslovak New Wave in the Prague Spring)

Levan Tskhovrebadze_2020

Certain Aspects of Social Literature Studies Discourse

Natela Chitauri / Shorena Shamanadze_2016

Realistic and Symbolic Threats, Religiosity and Gender as Predictors of Prejudice

Ana Makashvili_2017

‘One other living soul’: Encountering Strangers in Samuel Beckett’s Dramatic Works

Andrew Goodspeed_2018

The result of revenge and its perspective (Arthur Miller “Salem Process” in the youth theatre)

Lasha Chkhartishvili_2020

The Desert and its Talisman, Sufi Mystic in Ibrahim al-Koni’s Novel “Gold Dust”

Darejan Gardavadze_2016

The Legend, Myth, Symbol: Definition of the Phenomenon in the Context of Dramaturgys’s and Theatre’s Development in Lithuania

Vida Bakutytė _2012

Author’s Problem in G. Rcheulishvili’s Works

Manana Kvavchantiradze_2015

HOPPLA. . . Playing with Time and Space

Ketevan Shavgulidze_2016

Contemporary Visual Arts World in Georgia

Nikoloz Nadirashvili_2015

Stephen Dedalus as a Ghost of Prince “Hamlet” in Joyce’s “Ulysses”

Ilia Patchkoria_2015

Some Questions of Hagiographical Style (Theoretical remarks)

Ivane Amirkhanashvili_2012

Scholarly Editions of Georgian Classic Authors and the Use of Modern Technologies

Maia Ninidze_2014

Transformation of visual signs: artistic forms and concepts in Georgian version of postmodern art

Khatuna Khabuliani_2016

Artistic and Creative Aspects of a TV Commercials (word, music and color in a TV commercial structure)

Vladimer Tatishvili_2013

Researching Georgian Contemporary Theatre - New Technologies

Lasha Chkhartishvili, Elene Babakishvili_2015

Peculiarities of Biblical Paradigmatics and Tropology in Vazha-Pshavela’s Creativity

Eliso Kalandarishvili_2012

Zaum – from Linguistic Experiments to Art-Trend

Tamar Paichadze_2017

Tower of Babel? An Evaluation of Student Transitions from Higher Education into Employment Based on a Comparative Study of a Private University and a State-run University in Georgia

Ana Gorgodze_2020

One Hundred Ancient Japanese Poems in Georgian

Tamar Lomidze_2018

From Modernism to Post-Postmodernism

Ramaz Tchilaia_2019

The Review of the Book– “Literary Theory – Basic Concepts and Methodological Tendencies of XX Century”

Venera Kavtiashvili2008_2008

Style – Cultural Situation (on the example of Metaphrastics)

Ivane Amirkhanashvili_2016

Hagiographic Citation

Ivane Amirxanashvili_2015

The Antrhropological Approach in Literary Studies

Alexsander Panov_2009

Poetics of the Postmodern Novel (Summa postmodernica)

Konstantine Bregadze _2013

Orthodox icon in contemporary sacral space

Eka Vekua_2015

Video Art: Technological Progress and Art

Ana Gabelaia_2015

Artistic and Stylistic Peculiarities in Tamar Meliskihsvili's Art (Major Trends in the Georgian Contemporary Visual Art)

Veriko Gotsiridze_2017

Artistic Café Kimerioni and Its Wall-painting. Tiflis,1919

Tea Tabatadze_2011

Bases of Georgian Dramaturgy

Marine Germisashvili_2008

Georgian Women's Social Issues and Strategies to Deal with them Based on the Project: “Women of Georgia”

Tekla Karosanidze_2017

Ameen Rihani’s “Juhan” and Problematic of its Translations

Nino Surmava_2019

Variations of Musical Narration in Georgian Modernistic Novel

Maia Jaliashvili_2015

The Problem of the Body in Margaret Atwood’s "The Year of the Flood"

Dimiter Alexandrov_2012

Gender Aspects of Inheritance Distribution in Georgian Culture

Maia Araviashvili_2015

Idea and Ways of Striving for Freedom in Georgian Contemporary Theatre

Lasha Chkhartishvili_2019

The Carnival of ‘Previous Georgia’

Ketevan Shavgulidze_2014

Representing Traumatized Memory in Lee Chang-dong's Cinematography

Nino Shvelidze_2019

Contemporary Realism

Ketevan Shavgulidze_2019

Tendencies in poster development

Natalia Avaliani_2016

Mask discourse in Georgian modernistic prose (Based at compositions of Aleqsandre Tsirekidze, Konstantine Gamsakhurdia, Mikheil Javakhishvili amd Leo kiacheli).

Nino Giorgobiani_2019

Connection between Generations – Sign of Culture

Ivane Amirkhanashvili_2014


Gvantsa Sekhniashvili_2020

Towards Understanding Excessiveness of Rhyme

Akaki Khintibidze_2008

Remapping of Georgian Literature. Bolshevism and the Georgian Literature

Gaga Lomidze_2017

On Irma Ratiani’s Book – “Georgian Writing and the World Literary Process”

Tengiz Kikacheishvili_2016

Loving Books at the End of the Millennium

Jessica Pressman_2020

Criticism of 70-80s: from “Reconstruction” to Innovation

Nona Kupreishvili_2008

Compositional Peculiarities of Amirani’s Myth

Dalila Bedianidze_2008

Oriental Sources of Georgian Stable Verse Forms

Oriental Sources of Georgian Stable Verse Forms _2016

Gamzrdeli by Akaki Tsereteli and the Paradigm of Enlightenment

Teimuraz Doiashvili_2017

World War II and Georgian-Italian Non-conformist Experience (New archival materials)

Maka Elbakidze, Manana Shamilishvili, Ada Nemsadze_2018

Mirza Gelovani’s “Returned” Sonnets and Other Verses

Tamar Barbakadze_2015

Renaissance: Context

Gaga Lomidze_2014

For the Issue of the Modality Principle and the Interpretation of the Structural Type of the Character

Nana Mrevlishvili _2009

Kartvelology (Georgian Studies) – Self-aim or Necessity?

Irma Ratiani_2008

The conservation of Mgvimevi Monastery iconostasis

Irakli Vartagava_2012

Supra in the Georgian Contemporary Visual Arts

Nikoloz Nadirashvili_2014

Again on ‘Athens against Jerusalem’ (Lev Shestov’s Counter- Hellen(ist)ic Philosophy of Tragedy)

Yordan Lyutskanov_2012

Relative Deprivation in Colour Revolutions in Post-Soviet countries

Nino Machurishvili_2018

Innovative Artistic Tools (Constructivism, Projective Decoration) in Elene Akhvlediani's Design: Based on the Artworks from 1920/30s.

Ketevan Shavgulidze_2003

Ilori Church - History and Current Challanges

Khatia Alania_2019

Romantism – Transnational Dialogue

Levan Bregaze_2019

Sarah Kane and The Dramaturgy of Modern British Women

Ana Kvinikadze_2018

Mythopoeic Chronotope in John Dos Passos’s Manhattan Transfer

Irakli Tskhvediani_2020

“Irmigal” – the Enigmatic Lexeme by Galaktion Tabidze

Teimuraz Doiashvili_2018

Structure and Semantics of Idiomatic Expressions in Georgian Language (Comparative Analysis based on English, Modern Greek and Russian Data)

Irina Lobzhanidze_2012

Picture and Text: The Myth about a Conflict between a Bird and a Snake on the Old Graphics and in Folklore

Elene Gogiashvili_2009

The Literary Criticism of György Lukács

Susan Sontag_2019 (1965)

The Language of Hagiography (Theoretical Remarks)

Ivane Amirkhanashvili_2009

Theatre in a non-theatric environment

Ketevan Shavgulidze_2011

Neoclassicism and Akaki Tsereteli’s Heroic Couplets

Tamar Barbakadze_2016

Gender in Georgian Painting of the XX Century (E. Akhvlediani, K. Magalashvili, R. Javrishvili, A. Shalikashvili)

Tinatin janjghava_2014

Revaz Siradze – “Culture and Imagology”

Nana Gonjilashvili_2008

The Reflection of French Culture and Literature in the Georgian Cultural Space of 17th and Early 20th Centuries Prospects of Archival Investigation

Irma Ratiani, Alexandre Stroev, Rusudan Turnava, Gaga Lomidze_2017

Revenue Management through Marketing Communications in the Field of Culture

Dodo Chumburidze_2015

A Reader of Hagiography

Ivane Amirkhanashvili_2019

Tbilisi club culture and youth's subcultural capital

Lana Davituliani_2019

Blaise Pascal and Marina Tsvetaeva: An Uncanny Proximity

Srah Ossipov Cheang_2011

Epistemological Aspects of Life-Writing

Shafag Dadashova_2018

The role of German expressionism cinema in the birth of fascism

Levan Abduselishvili_2020

Guram Tsibakhashvili's "Explanations" and Boris Shevardiani's "Five Contemporary Albums"

Guram Kapanadze_2014

Georgian Modernism: Historical Context and Typology

Natia Sikharulidze_2016

Goethe’s Theory of Proto-Phenomenon (Urphänomen) and Its Reception in Grigol Robakidze’s Literary Works

Konstantine Bregadze_2011

Georgian Mitres from the Late Feudal Period: Art Historical Analysis

Eka Berelashvili_2013

Sergey Meskhi and Newspaper "Droeba"

Nino Mchedlidze_2019

The Quest for National Form in the Visual Arts of Georgia in the Beginning of 20th Century (David (Kakabadze's Artistic Activity from 1910 to 1920)

Natia Ramishvili_2010

Some Aspects of the Interrelation between Georgian and Oriental Musical Cultures

Ekaterine Buchukuri_2009

Comparing Political Illusion and Cultural Reality in Scholarly and Fictional Literature: Concepts of Cosmopolitanism and Dreams of Multilingualism in Academic Writing and Twentieth-Century Political Novels

Konrad Gunesh_2018

Art and Artists in the terms of the Roman Catholic Church’s patronage – on the example of projects made by Michelangelo

Giorgi Cheishvili_2014

Poetry Psychotherapy in the Practice of Crisis Assistance

Levan Bregadze_2017

Christian Falsification of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Philosophy in One Galaktionological Research

Mindia Tsetskhladze_2019

Reconstruction of Creative Process in Accordance with Akaki Tsereteli’s “Ascenting” and Galaktion Tabidze’s “Moon Over Mtatsminda”

Nona Kupreishvili_2020


Rusudan Tabagari_2016

Minimalism as Practical Necessity (from Metaphraste to Synaxarion)

Ivane Amirkhanashvili_2017

Georgian Criticism at the Beginning of Reception Theory

Nona Kupreishvili_2009

Gender stereotypes in Georgian entertaining talk shows

Anuka Tsaava_2017

The function of laughter in Georgian Prose (“Samanishvili’s stepmother” by David Kldiashvili, “Kvarkvare Tutaberi” by Polikarpe Kakabadze; “Me, Gandmom, Iliko and Ilarion” by Nodar Dumbadze..)

Maia Burdiashvili_2019

Bivalent Intransitive Predicates in Georgian (with some indication to the Northern Caucasian languages – Abkhaz and Lezgian)

Zurab Baratashvili_2016

Culturological Context of Hagiography

Ivane Amirkhanahvili_2013

Romanticism: Text and Context

Gaga Lomidze_2015

Integration and Identity

Mzia Chikhradze, Ketevan (Keti) Shavgulidze, Mariam Shergelashvili, Marita Sakhltkhutsishvili, Lana Karaia._2019

Parody and Irony of “Letters of Traveler” from the Postcolonial Point of View

Hayate Sotome_2017

Self-Canonization – Canon Theory

Tinatin Biganishvili_2011

German Film- Expressionism

Maia Qamushadze_2009

Composition of the Situation in Hagiography

Ivane Amirkhanashvili_2011

Only Crime and Punishment Survived! Adapting East European World Literature from Classics Illustrated to Russ Kick’s The Graphic Canon

Michel De Dobbeleer_2016

On the Question of the Theoretical and Methodological Research of Oral History

Marine Turashvili_2012

Besarion Gabashvili’s Versification System

Tamar Barbakadze_2013

Types of Grammatical Meanings and Ways of Their Expression in the Ancient Near Eastern Languages (Temporal, Aspectual and Modal Meanings in Sumerian, Egyptian and Akkadian)

Zurab Baratashvili_2010

The Problem of Medea’s Essence in the Context of the Horizontal and the Vertical Tradition of the Myth Analysis

Ketevan Nadareishvili_2015

Dali gives birth in the crags (Analysis)

Othar Oniani _2009

Fictional Worlds Theory as a Theory of Literary Invention

Enyo Stoyanov_2012

National Nihilism and Identity Crisis in Soviet and post-Soviet Georgian Literature

Mzia Jamagidze_2019

Homme or Femme (On the basis of medieval chivalry romances)

Maka Elbakidze_2017

Extra-Canonical Litarature of the 1920s

Ivan Hristov_2012

Typological Parallels (Towards the History of Christian Poetry from the 8th to 10th Century)

Lela Khachidze_2011

The Hunger Artist and Sisyphus. Two absurd Men

Ornella Ta_2013

Faust’s Worldview and Pansophism (“Magic”)

Konstantine Bregadze_2020

Robert Sturua for the formation of theatrical language

Maka (Marine) Vasadze_2014

Some Considerations on Aspects of Tbilisi’s Identity Through Architectural Narratives

Khatuna Khabuliani_2016

The Intertext of Georgian Modernist Poetry

Irakli Kenchoshvili_2015

Modernism as a Mythless Age in Konstantine Gamsakhurdia’s Novel “The Smile of Dionysus”

Konstantine Bregadze_2012

A Guide to Comparative Literature in Georgian (2020)

Natia Sikharulidze_2020

Existencial Space in Franz Kafka’s Short Story “The Verdict” (“Das Urteil”) (Hermeneutical Interpretation)

Konstantin Bregadze_2014

Main achievements and challenges of the modern Georgian feminism from the perspective of activists

Mariam Khoperia_2018

Problems of Feminine Language and Self-representation in Poetic Texts of Ingeborg Bachmann and Lia Sturua

Salome Pataridze_2019

Georgian Plays Inspired by the French Theatre (Adaptation in Georgian Dramaturgy of 1880-1920)

Rusudan Turnava Nino Gagoshashvili_2019

Trends in the artistic decoration of Georgian folklore

Avtandil Chachava_2016

The II Stage of the Battle for the Renewal of Arabic Verse: Supporters and Opponents

Giorgi Lobzhanidze_2008

Antitheses in Baratashvili’s Poetry

Tamaz Vasadze_2017

Peculiarities of the Georgian façade in the middle of the 10th century (Kumurdo Cathedral)

Medea (Dea) Gunia_2015

The Canon as a Function (Kimen)

Ivane Amirkhanashvili_2018

"Subjective Narrative and Cited Speech": History, Theory and Practice (according to XX century West-European novel)

Tamar Chikhladze_2008

The Understanding of Literary Tradition in Georgian Modernism

Konstantine Bregadze_2016

From the History of the 10th-century Georgian and Bulgarian Hymnography

Lela Khachidze_2012

Georgian film studies - history of relations between criticism and censorship

Giorgi Razmadze_2018

Analytic Novel on Balzac’s Short Story (For Publishing Roland Barthes’ “S/Z” in Georgian Language)

Levan Bregadze_2014

Observations about Translation Formalized into Nine Points

LYn Co_2013

Bulgarian Bacchic Poetry from the 19th Century: Context, Specific Characteristics, and the Lyrical Subject

Anna Alexieva_2012

Stalin: Earthly incarnation of Demiurge

Gaga Lomidze_2018

A Forgotten Principle of Writing the Four Gospels

Gocha Kuchukhidze_2018

On the Issue of Translation of Metaphor (with reference to evangelical texts)

Deacon Peter (Shitikov)_2012

Western Capitalism in XX Century European Social Cinema

Alexander Gabelia_2017

‘I am not alone’: Pinter, State Torture, and One for the Road

Andrew Goodspeed_2019

City – Cultural Space in the Symbolist Text (Intertext and Georgian Creative Experience)

Tamar Paichadze_2018

The peculiarities of

Tatia Tevdorashvili_2018

Rustaveli – Nizami’s Contemporary: Revision of Some Poetical and Aesthetical Principles

Irma Ratiani, Maka Elbakidze_2019


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